eBusiness Solutions Inc. is an Information Technology Services company based in Columbus, Ohio. The venture is formed by senior IT leaders with wide variety of experience across entire IT gamut. The goal is to provide Software development services, customized solutions and manpower to our clients. With deeper understanding of today’s enterprise environment, technology and its demands, we have unique strategic advantages to provide you the solutions and manpower to get your projects done on time. No matter how big or small your projects are, we have knowledge, proficiency and experience for a timely delivery.

We have been providing SME, Project Management, Software Development, Sustainment and Quality Automation services to various government and corporate clients since 2005. Our management's collective experience of over 100 years results in an insight that’s hard to match by our competitors. Our focus on limited areas allow us to provide greater degree of control and better scalability and ROI to our clients. We are result oriented technology organization helping our clients stay ahead of their competition by leveraging right set of technologies with right spend.