As a small business and new incumbent to federal market, we appreciate the opportunities to partner with large corporation. Programs like Mentor Protégé, Joint Venture and Sub Contracting allows us to work with a government PRIME and augment them with our services and expertise.

We are seeking partnership in various forms to ensure we continue to grow and provide value add to our clients or the PRIMES.

Please reach out to us 614.985.3637 or if you would like to leverage our Federal GSA Schedule or STS Schedule or 8(a) certifications. We are open to any and all viable business proposals and looking forward to building new relationships every day.

Mentor Protégé Joint Venture Universal Small Business Mentor Protege

Protégés can get valuable business development help from their mentors in several areas, including:

Guidance on internal business management systems, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and strategic planning Financial assistance in the form of equity investments, loans, and bonding Assistance navigating federal contract bidding, acquisition, and performance process Education about international trade, strategic planning, and finding markets Business development, including strategy and identifying contracting and partnership opportunities General and administrative assistance, like human resource sharing or security clearance support

Businesses who have a mentor-protégé relationship can form a joint venture, and can compete together for government contracts reserved for small businesses. A joint venture can also bid on contracts that are set aside for service-disabled veteran-owned, women-owned, or HUBZone businesses — as long as the protégé qualifies for the contract.

The small business mentor-protege program is designed to enhance the capabilities of protege firms by requiring approved mentors to provide business development assistance to protege firms and to improve the protege firms’ ability to successfully compete for federal contracts.  This assistance may include technical and/or management assistance; financial assistance in the form of equity investments and/or loans; subcontracts (either from the mentor to the protege or from the protege to the mentor); trade education; and/or assistance in performing prime contracts with the Government through joint venture arrangements.  Mentors are encouraged to provide assistance relating to the performance of contracts set aside or reserved for small business so that protege firms may more fully develop their capabilities.