Our management team totals over 40 years of experience implementing numerous mission critical applications for various enterprises. Regardless of size or complexity, our expertise fills the gap by providing critical knowledge and knowhow.

Two key components of our App Development competency are:

Java/J2EE Technology Stack

  • Java / J2EE Technology Stack
  • Java 1.6/1.7/1.8
  • Eclispe, RAD, NetBeans
  • Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, MyBatis, JQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExtJS, Bootstrap
  • MQ, Middleware, RabbitMQ, SOAP, REST, Web Services
  • WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache
  • JIRA, Wiki, Confluence, SVN, Maven, GitHub

.NET Technology Stack

  • .NET Technology Stack
  • .NET, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, MS SQL Server, WCF
  • Visual Studio
  • MyBatis .NET, NHibernate, Infragistics
  • OWIN, AppFabric
  • IIS, WAS, WF


Today's enterprise generates more data than ever. Large volumes of data can be a huge headache or huge advantage depending upon how timely that data is processed and made available to decision makers (business units, senior management). We live in an 'instant' era; customers need everything instantly, as evident by Amazon's attempt to build unmanned flying robots that will deliver boxes to clients’ front door within a few hours of order placement.

Organization success is more and more dependent on how data is processed and what types of perspectives are developed regarding that data. More and more functions for customers are Automated and customer calls to organizations’ call centers are fewer and fewer. With multiple touch points, mostly electronic/online, it is not only important but extremely critical to the survival of an organization to ensure that appropriately sized data warehousing environments are created and properly staffed/ managed.

Our high level approach is to keep the environment simple and expose only relevant data/ attributes to business. Our expertise in Informatica and Ab-initio domain along with Teradata/Exadata/ Greenplum positions us uniquely to serve our clients with fastest turnaround on data warehousing initiatives.

Business Intelligence/Data warehouse

We like to look at BI as 'Intelligence for Business'. Regardless of the size of data, source of data, system of record or origination, today's business is looking for insights that provide competitive market advantage. Data is big and constantly growing at a much faster rate than ever historically seen by many industries. Increased number of touch points with customers result in the explosive growth of data. Parallel to this explosive growth are millions of investments to deploy a multitude of technologies to make better sense and, hopefully, to create viable, accurate and predictable outcomes.

Complexity of data, nature of data (structure or unstructured), source of data along with unprecedented volume is essentially calling for data storage reservoir along with smart data crunching algorithms and capabilities.

Our approach is Unified Business Intelligence (UBI) – We study an organization's core business model and industry, core set of challenges and road map for the next 3-5 years. We review all elements and then propose a UBI solution that will provide our clients with the best ROI.


Today's business is well connected with suppliers, customers, employees and all other machine-based actors that take part in the functions of an enterprise. Enterprise in today's world demands an integrated, consistent and real-time view of its state at a moment's notice.

Key Questions Every Enterprise Must Address

  • Where is raw material coming from and how does enterprise ensure supplier's timeliness, quality, integrity, and deliverables? Reliable global sourcing models are crucial in a company's ability to make products in a timely manner with the right quality.
  • Where to keep raw materials before consumption and how to store/stage finished products before distributing to various outlets are vital decisions that must be made.
  • How are our orders lining up against our production capacity, and are we planning adequately for account market growth or shrinkage due to economic, regional and many other factors?
  • How is our manufacturing site performing, and can it be better integrated? Installing one screw may take .1 extra second; multiplying that by millions installed per day can uncover significant opportunity to improve efficiency.
  • How are we managing our commitments? Be it GL or regular payroll or payments to vendors or payments to other government tax agencies, all are critical and require a flawless approach to ensure profitability.
  • Are we engaging with customers at the right level at the right time? In today's Facebook and Twitter era, your brand is susceptible to sentiments portrayed by Internet users. Not all posts and feedbacks are legitimate, but the fact that people can express opinions literally sitting on their couches can create a new set of complicated challenges.
  • How do our customers perceive our products, and what feedback should we integrate in our R&D, Product